Achieving Work-Life Balance: The Power of No

Finding balance in the many tasks we need to do each day is frustrating.  Our thoughts can range from being easily distracted constantly or hyper-focused.  I am always looking for better thoughts and ideas and even graphics and mantras to help keep me on track.  These ideas can be applied to your work life, home management, and personal everyday tasks if your career doesn’t follow the Entrepreneur lifestyle.  I LOVED this article… 


by Rhonda Bavaro


When you are a hungry entrepreneur starting your new business, your work-life balance can seem out of whack. You’re working so hard to get your business going that you sometimes forget what it is you’re even trying to achieve. You may even start to ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” That’s when you know you need to sit down and map out a strategy that’s going to sustain you personally and professionally. That’s when you know you need to learn to say “no.”

Most of us start our own businesses because we long to live life on our own terms. We want to be our own boss, make our own decisions, and create something bigger and better for our lives. We long for more time with our families, more time to pursue our passion projects, more time to…  Read more HERE