Do you listen to your inner voice?


Our brains are finely tuned mechanisms that are programmed daily and have since we were born.  It’s amazing to realize how that programming can cause us to succeed in life as well as to fail.  The best news is that we can always make the choice to change our programming.

One of the leadership bogs we follow as well as a beautiful example of changing his mental story is Dan Hawkins.  Mike and I have been very privileged to hear him speak on many occasions as well as to meet with him personally.  His new book “SWING” will show you how far our limiting beliefs can strangle if you choose not to pick up the bat and take a shot.  Did I tell you he was an Auto Mechanic and she was a Full-time Daycare Provider?  Today they speak to  THOUSANDS of people across the US and Canada teaching people about successful business principles as well as successful Life skills.  Obviously, their testimony shows that they are their own best product!

He and his wife, Lisa, are so inspiring.  I know we are not the only people who feel this way.  During his book signing, we witnessed thousands of people stand in line for 4-5 hours just to get their books autographed by Lisa and himself.  Luckily we knew he would be speaking soon at a location near us, we waited.

Read an inspiring message from Dan Hawkins Do your thoughts motivate or destroy your success?