Habits — working my way into personal GRACE!



We all have habits.  That isn’t always a productive thing, is it?  I am always looking for organization ideas, productivity ideas that are tried and true and simplified methods to make each day a WIN!  We all strive for perfection, but we also need to be our own best cheerleader!  Give yourself some grace as you work towards new GOOD habits and checking off the M_I_T’s “Most Important Things” on your To-Do Lists.

I saw this printable today at Dorky Doodles and had to share it.  I just printed off my own copy to give it a whirl!  I love the doodling I see others put on their printables, but myself I was not gifted with the doodling skills set.  This blog has a lot of doodles to admire if you have a few minutes (but try to stay on task!)

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