Inflation HURTS

My Dad was part of our local bank growing up.  He and a bunch of his business pals in the area came together to create this bank for the good of the community, its ranchers, farmers, support businesses, and citizens.  Many times I wish I could sit down with (Dad) “L.J.” face to face again to compare local banking in his time to today’s modern fractional reserve banking.  I grew up during the 1973 “Oil Crisis” and heard the word “inflation” used daily in our little community.  I didn’t worry about “inflation” growing up in the rural US.  Now that I better understand what the fuss was about, I just remember my Dad telling my little sister to stop writing so many letters to my cousins… each letter cost 10 cents!  The “Good Ol’ Days!  Here is an oldie but goodie from Chris Brady!