It’s a good idea to have a Coach!


We only know what we have been taught to see, and that goes both ways.  We can be taught well by looking at situations through the eyes of our peers or we can be taught poorly by the decisions they made.  Either way, I am realizing the older I get, the more we tend not to think of ourselves objectively.

I know I am very guilty of that!  I have paired with people in my life who I feel safe and confident with who will tell me the truth.  I have many who are patient with me… (Thank you Mr. P!)  When I chat with my youngest daughter, we both decide which role we plan on “wearing” as we have certain conversations.  Do I need her to hear me as “A Mom”  or as “A Friend”?  Does she need to talk to me as “A Mentor” for her current Career or just as “A Person in her life”, reminding me she is highly missing our times together?

We are never quite sure how our words and attitudes affect the people in our lives.  We may not even know that the words we speak to ourselves are just as damaging.  So consider an outside source to help you be your most effective.  It’s an “Investment” in yourself and your future!

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