Money Anxiety Disorder and Health

Your Relationship with Money Is Affecting Your Health

This article really gave some great points to think about when determining your stress over money and survival.  Our company has proof that IF you get “The Money Thing” managed in a better system that suits your needs, the other areas in your life will improve, and definitely one of those areas are health-related.  Let me ask you, is Money YOUR Master?  A Manipulator or is Money YOUR Slave? 

Chances are, stress and anxiety about money are a part of your daily life. From rent and mortgage payments to health expenses and childcare costs, the list is endless.

Can you imagine a day, week or month when you never have to be stressed about money?  How would it affect your daily health?

stress can have physical responses, not unlike an animal’s when they’re in defense mode or on the hunt. “Restriction in the throat, hunched shoulders, increased heart rate…

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